The Israeli Palestinian Confederation is an organization which developed a model to create a common government for the people of Israel and Palestine side by side with the existing Israeli and Palestinian governments. It will become a model for a third government for both the Israeli and the Palestinian peoples together. The model does not advocate to dissolve the Israeli or Palestinian governments but to work in cooperation with them and independently of them.

Under the Israeli Palestinian Confederation Constitution there will be 300 Parliament members representing 300 districts of the entire area of Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza.

In order for the parliament to pass legislation, 55% of the Israeli and 55% of the Palestinian Parliament members must vote “yes” on the same legislation. Once the legislation passes, the separate Israeli and Palestinian governments will have a veto power. If those governments veto the legislation it will not become law. However, if they fail to veto it the legislation will become law.

The IPC conducts regular and frequent zoom simulations to demonstrate how the Confederation would work. Most participants are asked to play Israeli and Palestinian parliament members in the Confederation. Others are asked to play Israeli prime minister, Hamas leader, Palestinian President, US President, Russia’s President, China’s President or other world leaders.    

In each simulation we discuss the IPC’s Constitution and issues at the heart of the conflict with a focus on resolution. Based on our constitution we give the Israeli and Palestinian governments a veto power over the legislation. Our purpose is to demonstrate that it is possible for the common government to make peace and neither the Israeli nor the Palestinian Governments would be able to veto legislation that benefits their people. 

At the end of each simulation, we hold an open discussion.

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