Israeli Palestinian Confederation Mission Statement

We believe Israelis and Palestinians must live together and in peace in a democratic equal and open society with mutual respect, freedom of expression, and freedom of religion. We believe that the historic connection of both people to the land of Israel and Palestine is an integral part of their identity and must be respected.

Our goal is to create a mutual democratic government for the people of Israel, the West Bank and Gaza. We believe that this government should be independent and separate from the Israeli and Palestinian governments. We do not wish to dismantle the Israeli or Palestinian governments but rather work in conjunction with those governments to facilitate peace and prosperity. We believe that the legitimate needs of Israelis and Palestinians would be advanced and protected by the constitution published on

Our position on the Two States Solution

The Two States Solution is not viable. It has been attempted numerous times resulting in substantial violence and less peace between Israelis and Palestinians, while at the same time failing to reach its intended goal.

Our position on the One State Solution

The One State Solution is not viable in light of the strong nationalistic sentiments by both the Israeli and Palestinian people and their governments.